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Larissa Darrah is a Freelance Illustrator working in Nova Scotia, Canada. Larissa graduated from Seneca's Independent Illustration program and has since been working on her freelance career. Though trained in both traditional and digital mediums, Larissa tends towards digital rendering, preferring it's clean finish to compliment her drawing style. Larissa has taken small freelance work and has recently been working on illustrations for Jessy's Story, on the Beyond Elysium blog, as well as working on her own personal projects. Her personal projects often like tackle issues Larissa sees and is affected by in the world, like her Mental Illness Chic project, which discusses the duality of glamourization and misconceptions of mental illnesses. 

Larissa always has her sketchbook on her, sketching in front of the television, or while out for coffee with friends. Though much of her professional work is finished in a digital medium, Larissa likes to explore the limits of traditional mediums on her own time. She believes anything you learn can be brought back into how you create artwork. It's so important to Larissa to ensure she never bores with her art and constantly try new things. 

When Larissa isn't working on art, she can often be found writing, or learning how to improve her writing. She has always enjoyed storytelling and been coupling storytelling and art since she was young. Larissa is working towards producing a comic, or illustrated story in the future in a passion project. 

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