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And The Rockets Red Glare 

And The Rockets Red Glare is a story told through a series of three roleplaying session recaps by Adam Kratz with illustrations by Larissa Darrah on Beyond Elysium, a horror blog. And The Rocket's Red Glare is a campaign written by Jacqueline Bryk for Kult: Divinity Lost. The story follows three interns to the Trump Campaign; Ian, the fretful IT guy, Kate, the liberal feminist, and Blake, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and the three days leading up to the 2016 United States election. 


Part One Part Two Part Three  

And The Rockets Red Glare contains adult material.


This day, like every day for the past week, Ian has been put in charge of Mr. Trump’s social media, including and most importantly his Twitter. America’s Most Honest Candidate was determined to benefit from some kind of filter, so Ian was given the opportunity to tweet in his place. He’s to encourage people to vote and push out campaign propaganda as inoffensively as possible without losing the signature flair of the presidential candidate. Something is different this morning, though. @realDonaldTrump receives a direct message, a rarity in itself. Mr. Trump only accepts DMs from accounts he follows, and those are few enough. The oddness doesn’t end there, though. The message is from an account marked as ‘invalid-user’, and clicking on the profile or trying to respond only produces an error stating that the account does not exist. The message is short: We know. Ian tries to respond, but is given the same error message every time.​

Kate explains to Ian that it’s been a while since she’s done a reading. She hopes that it will at least clear his mind a little and besides, what harm could it do? A simple celtic cross will suffice, and it is one of the only spreads she still remembers how to do. The first two cards present nothing out of the ordinary. Ian has an opportunity on his hands, a way for growth and success, though it will come at a heavy price. The reading takes a troublesome turn after Justice is revealed in reverse… along with the rest of the cards. By the end, Kate is disturbed and shaken. She tries to conceal the worst from Ian, but he is headed towards a horrible future, and that the best he can hope for is to achieve inner peace before all is lost. The cards, save the Ace of Wands and King of Pentacles, were revealed in reverse. She explains to Ian that her teacher would have attributed that to a malign influence. Something is wrong in Trump Tower.


The election is over. Donald J. Trump has won, and will be sworn in early next year. The blood sacrifice was successful, the pact is sealed, and life continues. Blake is given a handsome bonus for his excellent work in the campaign and a glowing recommendation from the vice president that’s sure to take him far in life. Despite some tough times, he saw it through to the end. It was eye opening. He understands the world a little better now, and is certain that his future will be bright.

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