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The Health Aisle

"At The Health Aisle, we believe that self-care and wellness is a continuous process to health; however, ‘healthy’ can be different for everyone. Whether your personal goal means maintaining your health, preventing an illness, making a full recovery or living fully with a chronic condition, we hope to better empower you and equip you with the best information possible.


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For a long time, I was really reactive with migraine management. When a migraine hit, I’d shut everything down, crawl into bed, turn off all lights and any sound, hydrate, and wait for the migraines to pass. I had a whole kit going: an Indian product similar to Tiger Balm (called Amrutanjan), a cold compress, a humidifier, Advil liqui-gels, and a cloth to tie around my head.


Sydney can’t always be open about her periods with everyone. She tends to avoid expressing her painful periods and discomfort with people she doesn’t know well. She explains that “having a conversation about periods seems like something that’s frowned upon and generally a bit TMI – too much information”.


Just last week, the city of Toronto released a sobering new data set that highlights what has been speculated for the past few months with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic: racialized communities and those from low-income households have been disproportionately infected. [...] What the data shows is that those individuals and communities which face systemic barriers are at a much higher risk of contracting Covid-19. These barriers include poverty, racism, unequal access to services, and sometimes all of the above.

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