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The Wizard of Oz: Circus

The Wizards of Oz: Circus is a personal project that explores what Dorthy's story may have looked like if Oz was a Victorian era traveling circus. The final pieces explore some of the characters, Dorthy, a girl who stumbles into the Oz Circus with her pug, Toto, and meets the fortune telling Good Witch who sends her on a quest where she builds a party of mistreated circus folk, including The Lion Man, a man with a long, tail-like spine and a crazy mane of hair. Environment illustrations show a young Victorian Dorthy's bedroom complete with a dog bed and a chair on which one can look upon the streets below, and an illustrations of the yellow brick road that Dorthy follows to the Emerald Big Top. In the sketchbook, featured at the bottom of the page, a variety of concept sketches can be found for several possible characters and environments, as well as rough work for the finished pieces. 


Dorthy Character Sheet

Dorthy Character Turnaround


Toto, Dorthy, The Good Witch, and Lionman Character Lineup


Dorthy 'Basket' Turnaround

Ruby 'Slippers' Turnaround


Dorthy's Room Cross-section


The Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald Big Top

The Wizard of Oz: Circus Sketchbook

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